Staying Healthy By Staying Active

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By Logan Miller, Clay-Battelle Middle/High School

My name is Logan Miller. I am a Junior at Clay-Battelle Middle/High School in Monongalia County, West Virginia. I am part of the Game Changer Student Non-Use Peer Leadership Team at my school. On our Team, I am one of a group of other teenagers making the healthy choice to not use alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs; including the misuse of opioids during the teen years. My team and I exist to support one another with our healthy choices and to show other students like me and especially younger students in our school and all other people in our community; that it is normal, healthy, rewarding, and exciting to live without the misuse of substances during the growing years.

I am in additional extracurricular clubs at my school like the Future Farmers of America Robotics Club, Recycling Club, and the Pep Club. These clubs allow me to make new friends and help the school and community, but I also view them to keep my mind away from substances. These are just some ways I stay healthy and active in school.

Outside of school, I also participate in activities to keep busy. I am currently working with a friend to tear down an old barn on my family’s property. It has been fun to work with him on this project. This friend, along with many other friends I choose to spend time with, is also substance free. By spending time with people, like me, who have the information and skills to make their own healthiest decisions regarding substances, I am not putting myself in a situation where I may be tempted to make a choice that could put my health at risk when it comes to alcohol, opioids, and all other drugs. I also cut grass for a community member. A few hobbies I attribute to helping me live my normal, healthy, rewarding, and exciting substance-free life are fishing, hunting, taking sunrise and sunset pictures, and working on a farm during hay season. These hobbies are just some of the things that I do to stay healthy and active.

Staying busy with these activities helps me continue to grow up healthy, support a healthy future, and stay substance free. By staying active doing all my activities, I can live a happy, healthy, and substance-free life.

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