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We are the GameChangers from Wheeling Park High School! We are students leading the fight to change the game on substance misuse in our area high schools and elementary schools. Sadly, we have seen the devastating impact of dangerous substances in our community. Just this summer, alcohol played a role in a death of one our fellow students. This and countless other substance misuse tragedies should never be happening here ... Continue Reading »

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 

My name is Olivia Tennant and I am an upcoming senior at Clay-Battelle Middle/ High School. Being a GameChanger Peer Leader has been such an amazing experience. Each member on our team pledged to stay away from all substances and to support our school to do the same. The idea behind our Peer Leadership Team is to be healthy role models and show students and the community that a life ... Continue Reading »

Staying Healthy By Staying Active

By Logan Miller, Clay-Battelle Middle/High School My name is Logan Miller. I am a Junior at Clay-Battelle Middle/High School in Monongalia County, West Virginia. I am part of the Game Changer Student Non-Use Peer Leadership Team at my school. On our Team, I am one of a group of other teenagers making the healthy choice to not use alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs; including the misuse of opioids ... Continue Reading »

Teens may face a lot of peer pressure to do drugs.

By Addyson Porter, Logan High School West Virginia has the highest drug usage out of every state in the United States of America, according to a recent study by WalletHub. These illegal habits often begin before citizens even earn their high school diploma. In many, if not every, public high school in West Virginia, there are many students who engage in regular drug usage. Some of these students also attempt ... Continue Reading »

Five Ways to Manage Stress as a Drug-Free Teen

By Addyson Porter, Logan High School As teenagers, managing stress is a task that we are faced with daily. From school work, to social drama, to anything else that may be going on in our lives, it can get overwhelming very quickly. People find many different ways to cope with their stress. Most of these ways are simple and harmless. Some of them even turn into new hobbies for people ... Continue Reading »

Eight reasons why I choose to live my life drug free. 

By Sarah Davis, Hurricane High School As a high school senior ready to graduate, I have found many reasons to live a successful, drug-free life. Living a sober-minded life is not always easy, or the popular choice, but it is a wise decision to make. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, teenaged drug use in West Virginia is evident. In West Virginia, 12- to 17-year-olds are 5.43% more ... Continue Reading »

My top 10 reasons why I choose to stay drug-free as a teenager.

By Addyson Porter, Logan High School Many people, especially teenagers, will turn to drugs at some point in their life. Whether it is to try something new, distract from pain or trauma, or any other reason that may persuade a young person to try drugs, they are incredibly harmful. I have seen many lives ruined by the horrors of addiction. To me, it is not worth all of the damage, ... Continue Reading »
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