Category: Recovery Stories

Chance’s Story of Hope

From the outside looking in, 24-year-old Chance Ward is living the life of successful, young adult. But what many don’t know is the road it took to get there was filled with obstacles, loss, and growth along the way.  “Addiction completely took over my life,” says Chance. “But today I strive to be a better person than yesterday, and I constantly remind myself to never look back. One step ... Continue Reading »

Kristin Parker’s Story of Hope

Kristin had a picture perfect childhood. The blonde haired, blue eyed kid was an only child living with her middle class family in a small town in West Virginia.Growing up, she won numerous beauty pageants, participated as a majorette in band and earned average grades in school. By age 20, she was an addict. “At home, I wasn’t receiving the same validation I received from the awards or competitions ... Continue Reading »

Rachel’s Story of Hope

In middle school, 37-year-old Charleston resident, Rachel Golden, dreamed of becoming an aviation lawyer. From the outside looking in, she was the kind of child any parent or teacher would consider bright and full of potential. Rachel made good grades, behaved well, and never showed signs that she’d experience anything other than success in future endeavors. Despite these traits, Rachel had one kryptonite – the weight of others’ opinions. “I ... Continue Reading »

 Cody’s Story of Hope

Today, 28-year-old Cody Ramsey of Cross Lanes, West Virginia spends most of his time supporting others through sobriety. As a peer recovery support specialist supervisor of a behavioral health agency and a program director of a sober living facility, he keeps busy managing employees and new residents, all while playing the roles of husband, father, and occasional rider of his beloved side-by-side. But Cody’s life didn’t always look ... Continue Reading »

Kara’s Story of Hope

As a teenager, Kara Boczek dreamed of playing college basketball. The sport was her “one true love” and the hobby she leaned on throughout her high school career. Kara’s hard work paid off when she earned First Team All-State and went on to play college basketball. At the time, life was good. Two years in, a new love replaced the one she held for basketball. “I played basketball for ... Continue Reading »

A Story of Hope: Melissa Pemberton

Melissa Pemberton is a resident of Huntington, West Virginia. She has a successful career, recently bought her first home and is passionate about helping others by sharing her powerful journey. But Melissa’s life did not always look the way it does today.  At the age of 19, Melissa’s life changed when she was involved in a tragic car accident and was prescribed pain medication and other mood-altering, addictive medication. ... Continue Reading »
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