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Mental Health Matters in Addiction Prevention: 5 Ways to Care for Yours

Poor mental health can leave you feeling anxious, sad, or low in energy— but did you know it can also be a precursor to developing an addiction? In fact, research shows those with mental illness are twice as likely to have a substance use disorder (1). So how exactly can youths and teens take charge of their mental wellness to lower their risk for addiction? Let’s talk about five basic ... Continue Reading »

Common Overdose Signs & Symptoms

As the Mountain State faces some of the highest opioid related deaths in the nation, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll witness the grips of addiction or overdose—it’s a matter of “when”. Addition does not discriminate. And regardless of age, gender, race, or status, anyone can become addicted to opioids. That’s why it’s important for children and teens to understand how to identify ... Continue Reading »

February is Heart Health Month—Let’s Talk About Your Heart on Opioids

As February marks “Heart Health Month,” you’ll see plenty of tips for eating well, exercising regularly, and living in ways that keep your heart healthy and strong. But according to the American Heart Association, there’s another factor at play that hinders your heart health— opioid use. How exactly do opioids impact the heart? Let’s take a closer look. 

Opioids can throw off your heart’... Continue Reading »

Preventing Teen Substance Abuse Through the Holidays

The holiday season is supposed to be joyful, butstudies reveal that the holiday season is a risk factor for teen and adolescent substance misuse, with relapses occurring frequently as the year comes to an end (1). There are several reasons contributing to the use of drugs and alcohol over the holiday season according to nationally certified School Psychologist and Gamechanger’s Director of Prevention, Kim Legg. “One of the reasons first ... Continue Reading »

Holiday Blues? 5 Ways to Keep Spirits Up This Holiday Season 

While holidays are marked by joy and celebration, nearly 90 percent of Americans admit to feeling higher stress and lower mood during the season (1). And as it turns out, youths and teens are not immune to the same feelings of loneliness, and sadness as the year comes to an end. According to nationally certified School Psychologist, Kim Legg, the same stressors that impact adults’ moods during the holiday season can affect ... Continue Reading »

The Dangers of Fentanyl: An EMT’S Perspective

Despite its well-established grip in Appalachia, the West Virginia opioid epidemic hasn’t always looked the same. The crisis has changed, ebbed, and flowed to reveal new challenges along the way. It’s a familiar pattern, according to 29-year-old Paramedic, Nathan Weese, who describes opioid-related emergencies as arriving in “waves”. Public health experts echo his theory, crediting the epidemic’s first wave to over-prescribed opioids in the mid-1990s, followed ... Continue Reading »

What is “stigma”—and how it impacts addiction.

There are many obstacles when it comes to facing substance misuse. Navigating withdrawal, repairing friendships and coming to terms with the aftermath of addiction. These are examples of the hard parts we can see. Did you know there’s another challenge that goes unseen, but is felt by nearly every person battling addiction? It’s called stigma. And it’s rooted in the myth that addiction is not a disease, ... Continue Reading »

Suspect Your Friend Is Using Drugs? Here’s What (and What Not) To Do

We’ve covered what to do if you find out your friend is using drugs. But what do you do if you suspect drug use without being 100% sure? Perhaps you’ve seen pills in their backpack, heard rumors, or have noticed your friend acting differently. Whatever the reason, it’s a tricky spot to be in. Some signs of addiction overlap with symptoms of depression, medication side effects, or other ... Continue Reading »

Urban vs. Rural Youth Substance Abuse—What’s the Difference?

When you think of the epicenter of a drug trade, skyscrapers, traffic, and bustling cities may come to mind. But research shows drug use may be just as high—or even higher—in less populated towns across America. In fact, among the many factors that increase likelihood of substance abuse, living in a rural area is one of them. Are there differences in urban and rural drug use, and what ... Continue Reading »

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Opioid Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the way we live and interact with those around us. For many, the changes that occurred between 2019 and 2020 mark the separation of two different worlds. As the pandemic continues, the one we live in now includes higher rates of drug use, relapses, and overdose deaths than ever before. How did it happen? Let’s take a look at what the current research is telling us, and ... Continue Reading »
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