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Monday, December 6, 2022

CONTACT: Joe Boczek, (304) 288-5924

Bill Hogan, (304) 546-2583

DEA Endorsed Program Available Immediately to Parents and Students

Fairmont, WV—In a continuing effort to combat the growing Opioid and Substance Misuse problem and the Fentanyl crisis through prevention education, GameChanger under the leadership of Head Coach Governor Jim Justice is immediately launching an additional prevention education program aptly named One Pill Can Kill.

The Program, endorsed by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, features a 35-minute film hosted by former West Virginia University women’s basketball standout Meg Bulger, educates students, parents and guardians about the dangers of purchasing pills laced with deadly fentanyl over the internet or from other sources on the street or elsewhere.

Produced by FGPG Productions of Los Angeles, the film will be made available to all public and private middle and high schools in the Mountain State through Superintendents and Principals to be shown first to students then sent home to parents and guardians along with a DEA and Discovery Channel Endorsed Parent Tool Kit to further educate and encourage parents and guardians to rewatch the film with their children. In addition, the film will be made available to all church and youth groups in West Virginia.

In January, As part of the One Pill Can Kill Program, GameChanger will launch an extensive social media campaign including TikTok and Snapchat aimed at further educating our state’s youth on the danger of Fentanyl laced counterfeit pills.

The GameChanger One Pill Can Kill Program will serve as a compliment to its overall Prevention Education Program designed in conjunction with the Prevention Solutions Team at The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. This three-year comprehensive program is currently in 12 pilot schools in West Virginia with 50 additional schools scheduled for implementation in Fall of 2023. Though a lofty goal, GameChanger hopes to have the program implemented in all West Virginia Schools by the 2027-2028 school year.

The film was premiered on Monday at The West Virginia Cultural Center to state legislators, educators, the business community, sponsors and prevention liaisons from around the state.

“GameChanger has been truly blessed,” says Joe Boczek, Executive Director. “We are in a crisis that is killing our kids and threatening the very core of our communities with the destruction of the family unit. I wish It were possible to literally thank every legislator, educator, company, sponsor and business person personally because without their tremendous support, guidance and hard work GameChanger could never have made such great strides in such a short time.”

GameChanger will continue to work directly with schools to implement, monitor and sustain the Hazelden Betty Ford Program student peer leadership, which have been found by research to help children make healthy choices about alcohol, opioids and other drugs. In addition, GameChanger is partnering with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) One Pill Can Kill Program designed to educate West Virginia youth and their parents about the dangers playing Russian Roulette by purchasing counterfeit pills potentially laced with deadly fentanyl over the internet.

As a youth-led prevention positive development and community enhancement initiative, GameChanger programming is designed to educate, support and empower young West Virginians to live healthy, drug free lifestyles, while preparing to be our leaders of tomorrow.

To learn more about GameChanger and its programs, visit

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