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Stressed? 5 Drug-Free Ways to Manage Stress as a Teen

Sometimes, life feels tough. The upcoming test that stands between a pass or fail grade? A championship game you’ve practiced for all season long? A tough break up, argument with a friend, or disagreement with your parents? Regardless of age, gender, or race, no one is immune to the natural human experience we all know as stress. And as we age, our sources of stress expand. The more responsibilities ... Continue Reading »

Opioid Myth vs. Fact: How Much Do You Know About Opioid Abuse?

Opioid use is spreading rampantly across the country, and we’re no strangers to its consequences in West Virginia. With over 70,000 deaths in 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the number of fatal overdoses in West Virginia had increased more than four times the 1999 total. And more than two-thirds of those deaths were linked to opioids. One culprit in the steady rise of opioid fatalities is misinformation—... Continue Reading »

Kara’s Story of Hope

As a teenager, Kara Boczek dreamed of playing college basketball. The sport was her “one true love” and the hobby she leaned on throughout her high school career. Kara’s hard work paid off when she earned First Team All-State and went on to play college basketball. At the time, life was good. Two years in, a new love replaced the one she held for basketball. “I played basketball for ... Continue Reading »

Active Recovery: The Science Behind How Exercise Helps in Addiction Treatment

Staying active is a part of a healthy lifestyle for most people. Regular exercise not only keeps your bones, muscles, lungs, and heart strong, but it also keeps your mind sharp. It’s why you feel joyful after a morning run, or even a bit calmer after a good workout. Decades of research is proof that these physical, mental, and emotional health are real. And now more and more experts ... Continue Reading »

What To Do if Your Friend Is Using Drugs

In today’s world, it’s not a matter of “if” one of your friends, acquaintances, or loved ones will use drugs—it’s a matter of “when”. That’s why it’s important to understand the signs of addiction and how to help. In addition to learning about the dangers of opioids and other substances for yourself, you can be a resource for your friend as they find their ... Continue Reading »

Choices Can Change the Game

It’s all about choices.

Because choices can Change the Game. West Virginia high school kids have come a long way! Looking at the numbers, they’re already Changing the Game – and they have been for years. Youth have been Changing the Game with healthy decisions. As new challenges emerge – like the Opioid Epidemic – they need real facts and support to continue making good choices. GameChanger is here ... Continue Reading »

Opioid dependence can happen in just FIVE DAYS.

It can happen to anybody.

While many people take Prescription Opioids as directed under a doctor’s care, there are risks that we should know.

Risks Include:

Taking Opioids puts you at risk for dependence and addictionOpioids affect the brain’s “reward circuit” and flood the brain with the chemical messenger dopamine.Dopamine surges encourage you to repeat the unhealthy behavior of taking drugs – which can ... Continue Reading »
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