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Change Their Holiday

You can help bring Christmas joy to West Virginia families recovering from opioid and substance misuse. Please use the form below to make a tax-deductible contribution. GameChanger’s “Change Their Holiday” program provides families in recovery with presents for the kids, gift cards and a turkey dinner with all the fixings on Christmas Day.

Rebecca (Gabby) Richison of Anmoore

Rebecca (Gabby) Richison
Anmoore, WV

I was dealing with so much. I didn’t get to work, due to my daughter having COVID and then on top of that I went into premature labor. It was almost Christmas and I had no paycheck. I barely had gas to get to ruby to see my baby. When Shannon called and told me I got something for Christmas, I never imagined it to be such a big help. Once she told me what it was, I could of cried I was so happy. I had money to buy gifts and I even had gas to top it off. On top of even that much, I had coffee money. I was beyond grateful for it. I thanked God several, several times forthem and for picking me of all people. Thank you, Shannon, and thank you to the GameChanger program!

Jodi Denkenberger-Miller
Clarksburg, WV

I just want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your generosity and help. Through this holiday and epidemic, it has helped my family tremendously. By being able to go grocery shopping, helping with my kids Christmas shopping, and having gas to be able to get around. This year has been very stressful for many. And I am beyond blessed that you all have helped me in so many ways. I couldn’t thank you enough. So again, thank you tremendously.

Jodi Denkenberger-Miller of Clarksburg

Rebecca Shaver of Clarksburg

Rebecca Shaver
Clarksburg, WV

I would like to thank everyone involved with GAMECHANGER and Shannon from Jobs and Hope for such an amazing gift. Receiving the things did allowed me to purchase much need things for my home, allowed me to get my son things to have a Christmas, and I still have more left for future needs. We have really enjoyed our trips to McDonalds, which would not have been so frequent if it weren’t for my gift cards. The gas cards have been helping me to go to my Mom’s and help her more often than I could afford to go before. Thank you for making our lives easier, brighter and more enjoyable. A special Thank you to Shannon for always being such a huge help to me always.

David Funk
Jackson County, WV

I am so grateful for the amazing assistance I got last year from jobs and hope through GameChanger for Christmas. They really have no idea how they saved Christmas for my children and took a huge burden off of my chest thank you so much.

Sobriety date 12-15-16 God is great!!!

David Funk of Jackson County

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